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10 Powerful Ways To Kick Start Your Business Into Momentum

Have your new leads dried up lately?

Perhaps the number of new enquiries has slowed down.

No doubt, you're frustrated and rather than be motivated by this it ​can have the opposite effect.

If you're honest, you probably know why this is happening.

When you're busy, it's really easy to let things slip.

Some of your marketing activities lose priority. And of course, the pipeline of new prospects dries up.

So, how can you turn this around and gain a momentum that doesn't ​falter?

The Value Of Consistent Activity

Taking action everyday is crucial to moving any business forwards.

​Consistent activity will propel you forward to achieving your goals, whether you  commit to sending regular emails, write blogs, shoot live video, write social media posts...

​You see, there’s an amazing thing called MOMENTUM.

English Language Learners defines momentum as “the strength or force that something has when it is moving. : the strength or force that allows something to continue or to grow stronger or faster as time passes.” 

It starts small and then ​it builds and builds and builds into something bigger and bigger and bigger.

The same will happen for you and your results if you start small and build on it everyday.

​Set Your Business New Challenges

I challenged myself to run a half marathon this winter, in a bid to get #fitforforty.

At first it was very tough. I was never a long diustance runner.

​But the more I've trained and run over the past 12 months, the fitter I’ve got and the further I can push myself - and more frequently.

My business is building momentum in the same way right now too.

The more I do, the more I want to do.

The more jobs I tick off my To Do list, the more people I meet, the more lovely ladies I help with their businesses and the more perfect clients I attract to me.

Think about how you can apply this to your business as well.

What can you commit to doing regularly now and what SMART goals can you set for the next three months that will spur you into action?

​The Proof Of The Pudding...

Daily consistent positive activity, aka momentum, moves your business forward to achieving your goals. 

The benefits of doing this will show up very quickly:

  • Increased customer base
  • Greater reach and engagement on your social media posts
  • More clicks on your offer or products
  • A greater sense of fulfilment and self-belief in your brand - love this one!!
  • More sales

Getting started can be the hardest thing though, so ​how can you turn over a new leaf and start a new regime?

​10 ​Key ​Steps To ​Jump Start Your Business​ Into Action NOW​​​​​

1. Embrace Your Personal Brand
It’s really hard to go full throttle at growing your business if you are not aligned with your purpose and brand persona. Take some time to discover your unique strengths and advantages. They set you apart from your competition. Don’t shy away from being yourself - be original. Embrace your own style, points of view and ideas. Live your brand out loud, sharing your experiences, to connect you with your ideal client.

2. Do It Your Way
Forget about what everyone else is doing - do it YOUR way. In the past, I have tried to copy other people’s biz models to emulate their success. What works for one, won’t work for another! Focus inwardly. You are on your own mission. Recognise your strengths and embrace your uniqueness to unlock YOUR unfair advantage.

3. Set 90-Day Goals
Focus on 3 key goals over 3-month periods, rather than looking at what you want to achieve over a 12-month period. Most people leave it until the 10th month and then scramble! You’ll get a lot more done this way! Make sure the 3 goals are achievable over the 3-month timeframe. Unrealistic goal setting will only leave you feeling disappointed with yourself.

4. Get Productive
Limit the number of trainings and courses you are doing at the same time! I’m a recovering victim of SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome) and have tried to stop buying course-after-course in a bid to learn what’s working now on every platform. How many did I actually complete?! Instead, create yourself a monthly planner and 2-3 tasks each day to tick off your list. You'll get loads more done.

5. Lead With Value
Firstly, it’s crucial you see the value in yourself before expecting your clients to do the same! Refer to your unique advantages in #1.

Secondly, aim to deliver value consistently - your audience will love you for it! Consider what your soulmate client is looking for and get clear on their struggles and pains and then how you can help them. Bear this in mind with every action you take in your business and give them content that addresses their needs and wants. Do this, and you’ll make it a no-brainer for them to trust and do biz with you.

6. Care About Your Audience
Care about your clients. Look after them. Woo them with value and great content. Network in a genuine way - without the salesy rubbish. Be yourself. Be real. Don’t copy anyone else’s style. Embrace who you are and really get to grips with who your ideal client is and attract your tribe.

7. Find A Mentor
Hook yourself up with a mentor who is doing what you want to do, and has achieved the success you are seeking. You will learn a lot from them. Avoid joining multiple masterminds and membership groups. You’ll likely end up spending your biz time hopping onto loads of coaching calls and not taking any action! And worse, getting confused with varying advice.

8. Don’t Fear Failure!
My tendency to seek perfection in my work has slowed me down a lot over the years. My advice is to hit the Publish button without fear, and just be yourself. Be the real you and don’t worry about making mistakes. Your tribe will love you for it. The other day, my lovely friend’s daughter’s told her ““FAIL = First Attempt In Learning”. How smart is that 7 year old?!

9. Look After Yourself
Life is super busy and we are continually pulled in a million directions. If you want to grow a thriving business with strong roots, make sure you look after yourself. I know too well how piling too much on your plate can lead to fatigue, overwhelm and there’s nothing good down that rabbit hole. Meditation, hypnotherapy, a run, yoga, a walk, fresh air, a good boogie, music, cooking - basically whatever floats your boat! - all help to cleanse the mind and keep us balanced and energised.

10. Outsource
Free up your time by outsourcing activities you hate or are rubbish at! Spend more of your valuable time doing the things you love in your business.

BONUS STEP 11: Personal Development
Never stop learning! The most successful people know they never know everything! But don’t let it stop you from communicating with your audience and delivering value. If you disappear, so might they! 

​The Best Thing...

​... is that you get to choose what’s next for your business!

You can take it as fast or slow as you like, but if you consider all the points above and just go for it, the momentum will build and you will see a shift in your growth. 

Speak soon,


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