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​Sales are the heartbeat of any business and ​we all want to create a steady flow of enquiries and clients into ​our business.

Maybe you're experiencing feast to famine months or alternatively, you're generating leads and have a good conversion rate but want to up-level your business further. ​

Here are three ways to connect better and ultimately sell more to your audience, ​thus creating better results for your business​.

​1. Understand Your Target Market

It's crucial that you define who your ideal client is and ​understand how you can address ​their needs.

​The riches is in the niches here!

​I recommend that you really focus and niche down to target a small group of people with very particular needs. The smaller the better. Not everyone is your client!

Do you ​have a ​clear vision of who your target market is and why they need your product or service? Can you offer a niche solution that solves their pains and struggles​?

Ask yourself:

  • Who am I helping? (Get specific here.)
  • What are their pains and struggles?
  • How can ​the experience ​of my product/solution help them?
  • What is unique about your solution that can resolve their problems?

​​2. Connect With Your Audience

​Next, you need to look at how you're attracting your ideal client. ​When you build a connection with your audience, you ​inspire the "Know, Like, Trust Factor". They'll become your raving fans, recommend you and become regular customers.

​I recommend you weave your brand story into your content to inspire and guide your ideal clients to do ​business with you.

Your story is the vehicle that takes your audience ​on the journey of finding a solution, overcoming their problems and gaining the life they want.

It's super important that you're clear on your story and that you weave it into your content marketing across all touchpoints with your prospects. i.e. blog, emails, social media...

​Your prospects/leads need to hear what you've achieved to be inspired to take the next step and emulate your results.

​Tip: Your audience is the hero ​of the story. Inspire them to follow your lead.

​3. Be Strategic With Your Content

​Look closely at ​your marketing and see if it relates to what you're currently selling.

Are you clear on the end goal of each post/email/blog?

When creating any content ensure that you are very clear on its purpose.

​Don't ​create for the sake of it! 

Create a business and communications/marketing plan and create specific campaigns to promote your courses/products/services knowing exactly when you ​will be doing this at set times of the year. 

​Avoid the random, unplanned marketing and be strategic! Align your content with your marketing plan and you'll see a shift in your results.

​​How To Identify Your Story Brand

​If any of ​my suggestions above ​are confusing and like me, you benefit from talking things through with others, I'd love to connect with you on one of my Brand Clarity Sessions.

This session would be especially beneficial if you:

  • Want to explore and identify your story
  • ​Lack the confidence to tell your story
  • ​​Doubt how compelling your story is and ​if anyone would ​want to hear it
  • ​Need help creating a business and marketing plan ​to strategically ​create content and tell your story to sell your products and services

We'll spend 45 minutes together getting you clear on your “why" vs. "your story” to help you move forward in your business.

Every business needs a plan for success. Let's work on yours together.

Click here to book your Brand Clarity Session now.

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