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Hi, I'm Hannah

I’m mum to two beautiful, wonderfully cheeky bubbas and married to a rather tall chap, called Mark. I run my coaching and marketing business from home in Hampshire in the UK.

Hannag Gorvin

I'm a total sun-seeker, ​a wanna-be-better distance runner, am happiest by the sea… I ​love horse riding, photography, abstract art… Coldplay are my fav band officially EVER…

Before kids I loved ​scuba diving holidays, seeing London Grammar live is on my To-Do list, have a ​closet #girlcrush on Gwynnie (I know she's controversial, but have you seen the GOOP empire the woman has built?!), I love any film featuring Meryl Streep, am addicted to Pinterest, I lived in Naples, Italy, for a few years and the people and the food will always be in my heart…

I have 17+ years corporate marketing and international events management experience. These days, I work for myself and know from first-hand experience what it's like to launch your own online business. I've been through all of the emotions from excitement, ​to frustration, to overwhelm, ​to panic, ​to fear of others' judgements and then back to excitement! If that's you right now, you're not alone. 

You might be​ new to the online marketing game and feel overwhelmed & need some guidance... or perhaps you’ve been ex-corporate for a ​few years and just can't gain traction and make the progress you crave. I can help.

​I understand the transition from corporate to personal business owner. I can help you show up in a way that feels right, attracts ​your ideal clients, sells more products, makes an impact and grows a business that feels good to you.

The key is to look inward​.


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