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​If you’re growing a business online, it’s super important to create and share original and engaging content consistently across multiple platforms to attract new people and nurture your current audience.

You need to regularly educate and entertain them with your wisdom, know-how and personality in order to build a relationship and have them coming back for more - after all head to Google, Pinterest and the array of social media platforms available and there are a tonne of other influencers just like you to be found.

You need to stay front of mind and in their faces to keep their attention. ​Your content needs to resonate and entertain.

Content creation can feel challenging though and take over your work-day; maybe you find you don’t have enough time to come up with original content ideas or you haven’t got to grips with repurposing your content to make it go further and last longer. Worse still, you could be creating content on the fly that has no clear purpose, isn’t attracting your dream clients and isn’t generating you enough sales.

On the other hand, you might be a content creation whiz but aren’t getting any engagement on your posts, blogs etc. It’s unlikely that the algorithm is to blame for this. It’s very probable that it’s your content and that it’s frankly, rather boring!

​So, how can you turn this around?

​How To Create Engaging Content

​1. Get super clear on your target audience and dream client
You need to feel their pains and understand their struggles, and in turn be very clear on how you/your product/service can solve these problems. This should inspire a whole host of ideas on topics to address in your content.

2. Embrace your story
Uncover your signature story and weave it into your content marketing so that it becomes the vehicle that takes your audience on the journey of finding a solution, overcoming their problems and gaining the life they want. It’s really a very simple way to attract your dream clients, more business opportunities and create a powerful brand. 

​The Significance of Storytelling On Brand Influence

​​Storytelling has been a fundamental tool for communication since the beginning of time. It captures our attentions, sparks emotional connections and teaches lessons.

When you start to weave your story into your content it helps you engage with your audience on a personal level and inspires the "Know, Like, Trust Factor". They'll become your raving fans, recommend you and become regular customers.

Telling your brand story really has the power to take your audience from a place of struggle and frustration to where they want to be, and positions you as an influencer and inspiration.

Tapping into your story also opens the doors to a never-ending, effortless library of content ideas. You know it inside out!!

​Identify Your Brand Story

​​The good news is that everyone has a compelling story to tell, so the days of feeling uninspired and totally stumped for content ideas are over!

When you are deeply authentic and real, you inspire trust and build relationships. You attract your tribe and build a stand out brand.

Learn to strategically use your story to share the right message at the right time time, and you can inspire your dream client to take action and buy your products and services!

Start by getting clear on your experiences and vision, define your messaging, find your voice and get aligned with your strengths and brand values.

​Learn How To Tell Your Brand Story    

​I understand the reluctance to tell your own story in public for all and sundry to judge. I also empathise with the feeling that your story is super average and not worth telling.

This was me back in the day BTW. I have since discovered that other women feel that way too and by sharing my experiences I can inspire them to rise up and go for what they want in life.

It might feel easier to masquerade as someone else in your content and tell your version of some other influencer’s story, but the truth is that it’s time to tell YOUR story to the world and grow the thriving business you dream of.

Maybe you feel like your story is not interesting enough, you’re not sure what it is, or maybe you’re too shy to tell it publically. You’re not alone.

I invite you to book a Brand Clarity Session with me. We'll spend 40 minutes together helping you gain clarity on why your story matters. ​You'll never be stuck for engaging content ideas again.

Click here to book your Brand Clarity Session now.

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