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10 Powerful Ways To Kick Start Your Business Into Momentum

Have your new leads dried up lately?  Perhaps the number of new enquiries has slowed down. No doubt, you’re frustrated and rather than be motivated by this it ​can have the opposite effect. If you’re honest, you probably know why this is happening.  When you’re busy, it’s really easy to let things slip.  Some of your marketing […]

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How To Say Goodbye To Imposter Syndrome & Fear Of Failure

​Have you ever felt a fraud in your business?​Perhaps you’re a coach and you don’t feel as though you’ve helped enough clients? 
 Maybe your business is pretty new and you don’t have many wins to shout about? 
You turn up at a networking event and feel like you aren’t successful enough to even be there? […]

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How To Attract Your Ideal Client To Grow Your Sales

I write this blog for all the business owners who are struggling to attract good quality leads or worse still, not enough leads. ​I understand. The struggle is real.  Standing out from the crowd in today’s social media age is hard work. I was inspired to write this after reading that today is National Thesaurus Day! Bear with […]

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