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This Is For You If...

  • You want to ​attract more clients
  • ​You ​need more engagement ​for your business on social media
  • ​You're not currently attracting the right audience - ​learn to ​connect with ​YOUR type of people
  • ​You​'d like to revamp your current branding
  • You want to learn how to weave your story into your content plan
  • You're looking for a straight-forward course ​to take you through the personal branding process
  • You find it tricky to explain what your business does - let's work on your tagline!
  • Your online profiles don't match and your ​visual ID doesn't flow across platforms
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    You want to ​stand out from your competition and ​​be the #1 choice in your niche
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    ​You're not sure what your brand is - let's ​do some work and bring it to life!
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    You ​could do with some clarity on your true purpose and what you want to be known for
  • You'd like access to a fun, interactive and supportive ​community in which to grow - we'd love to meet you!

​The Details

​3 Training Videos

Create an account in my Soulful Branding Academy and access three ​training videos at your leisure​. These ​sessions ​are designed to give you clarity, awaken and launch your soulful brand in three ​logical steps.

​Transformational Homework

​​Each step of the course has ​work​books available for download from The Soulful Branding Academy membership area to help you move through each ​stage and ​unlock your personal brand.

​Community Support

​​The Soulful Branding Studio Facebook Group is a supportive community for you to ask questions, post your breakthroughs and aha moments and support like-minded female business owners. Lean in, ladies.

​Visual Ideation

​​​Tasks are set to help you work on your visual brand identity and create your colour palette.

​What You Will Get...

* Your Branding Breakthrough Masterclass > ​3-Step Programme

* Videos recordings ​of ​each step accessible ​in ​The Soulful Branding Academy membership site

* Three workbooks with homework for each step to help you ​unlock your brand

* An exclusive 45 minute branding review with me after completing the Masterclass ​via video chat!

* ​Access to The ​Soulful Branding S​tudio community - lean on a driven bunch of female entrepreneurs to inspire and support your growth

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What ​​Others Are Saying:

​I​t was ​so refreshing to meet Hannah - her simple and practical approach won't leave you feeling overwhelmed but empowered to make the changes you need to up-level and build a business that sets you on fire...

Building online is so necessary in today's online world ​and also very challenging. Trying to keep up with the changes - what you should and shouldn't be doing can send any new and well seasoned entrepreneur into a tail spin.

I​t was ​so refreshing to meet Hannah, an online entrepreneur with a flair for branding. ​I thought I already knew my brand, however after ​doing some of Hannah's training and being part of her group, I realised my branding needed a little more work.
If you are busy working in your business like me and you want to take it to the next level, have a chat with Hannah. Her simple and practical approach won't leave you feeling overwhelmed but empowered to make the changes you need to uplevel and build a business that sets you on fire. 

​JULIANNE DAVIES  //  ​Direct Sales Professional

​With Hannah’s guidance, I have created an exhilarating brand with a clear message and a highly engaged following...

​Hannah’s knowledge and experience in self-branding is phenomenal. She made me realise how taking the time to really understand who I am and how I need to project that to my audience was probably the most important step I could take in building my business. Previously my message was unclear and it was no wonder I was struggling. With Hannah’s guidance, I have created an exhilarating brand with a clear message and a highly engaged following.

SALLY ​PRAG //  ​Online Business Coach

​Will This ​Work For Me?

​​I know you are here because ultimately you want more leads and sales.

No matter what kind of business you are in – coaching, home-based business, affiliate marketing, network marketing – sales are the vital heartbeat that will sustain ​it.

Attracting leads and prospects ​can seem like an uphill battle. It's so easy to compare ourselves to others who make it look easy, and quiet periods can make ​us question ourselves, which ​wrecks self-belief and confidence.

So, ​how can you become ​a successful leader in your ​niche who effortlessly attract clients, team members and generate sales online using social media?

There seems to be some secret sauce...

Well, fear not - ​there is plenty of space for everyone in this busy marketplace . You just need to know how to carve out yours.

Your perfect customer is out there waiting for you.

Be warned, brand design (logos, pretty banners and fonts) isn't enough to attract ​​a flow of devoted, raving customers.

You need a strategy. And the good news is that YOU form the basis of this strategy.

Your Branding Breakthrough Masterclass will help you gain the unfair advantage on your competitors and attract that following ​to grow a thriving business.​

I am here to help you reverse the negative cycle and drive growth into your business.

I want you to create something that you love, that you are proud of and that makes a difference to your clients.

​So, let's flip the switch on what has been holding you back, and draw in more prospects and customers:

  • ​Influence and ​engage with your target market
  • ​Feel 100% connected to your messaging and online profile identity
  • Understand how to draw on your strengths and values to ​attract your perfect customers

Your Branding Breakthrough Masterclass ​covers three crucial steps to help you generate ​more leads and attract your ​perfect customers:

  • Awaken & Define Your Brand > draw on your personality and tap into your signature style
  • Identify Your Soulmate Clients > repel those pesky problem customers
  • Bring Your Brand To Life > get your brand out of your head and into action!

​The Content

Your Branding Breakthrough Masterclass will help you identify and understand what branding can do for you ​to attract your perfect customers. ​

I'm not talking about creating a pretty logo and deciding on your colours here... ​Brand design, while an important part of your brand identity, is ​never going to be enough to set yourself apart from everyone else in a competitive market. Anyone notice how busy it is on social media?! You need more than a logo to make your mark and ​generate sales. ​Note: For this reason, I don't focus ​heavily on ​visual branding in this course!

By ​unlocking and embracing your personal brand, you will naturally stand out from the ​crowd and set yourself apart from your competitorsto be the number #1 choice for your target market.

This Masterclass will serve you whether you are a coach, an affiliate marketer, network marketer, bricks and mortar business owner - the same branding strategies apply!

​​Gain Brand Clarity With Your Branding Breakthrough Masterclass

This is my complete step-by-step system to help you attract your perfect clients by defining your brand, realising your true purpose and values, and creating a brand visibility plan for content creation and social media marketing.

In this detailed Masterclass, you’ll discover how to attract your perfect clients and compel them to buy from you by creating your brand identity, connect your goals and messaging to your target audience, communicate effectively and tell your personal story to help sell your products and services.

Ultimately, you'll learn how to live your brand and create a thriving business you love.

So, if you are serious about flipping the switch on your business and learning how to attract good quality leads​, then check out the programme for Your Branding Breakthrough Masterclass.

​Step 1

​> Unlock Your Brand > A​ Voyage Of Self Discovery

This opening stage is ​super important and transformational - you​'ll bring focus to your business by ​awakening your ​true brand, which touches everything you do ​and attracts your ​perfect ​customers. ​​​You'll get clarity on your core purpose, values and strengths.

​Step 2

​> ​​Call in Your ​Ideal Clients

​Learn how to identify your ​perfect ​customers and reverse engineer the process to call them into your business. They need you and your services!

​Step 3

​> ​Bring Your Brand To Life

​Now you've ​defined your ​personal brand, it's time to live it out loud and learn how to communicate and connect with your soulmate clients.

​Hi, I'm Hannah Gorvin! ​​

​I’m ​mummy to two beautiful, wonderfully cheeky bubbas and married to a rather tall chap, called Mark. I run my marketing and coaching business from my home in Hampshire in the UK.

I have almost 20 years experience in branding, marketing and international events management​. ​I love my client work, which ranges from marketing b2b international events and trade publications, to working with female entrepreneurs to drive growth in their businesses by generating leads and attracting their ideal clients.

But enough about me!

Let’s talk about how I ​CAN HELP YOU attract more prospects and clients and grow a business you love and super importantly, that you are proud of.

Branding transformation is ​a real passion of mine, and it is a privilege to experience this journey with ​fantastic business owners and watch their story unfold​.

The key is to look inward and ​start with YOU. 

​You are truly unique and have ​a fascinating ​story to tell. Your perfect customers are out there waiting to connect with ​you. They want to get to know the real​. They don’t want to to hear hype or what you heard from someone ​successful in your space. They want to connect with YOU.

So, let's get started! I'd love to be your guide on this journey! ​The time is now to start working with your ideal clients and grow a thriving business online now.

See you in the Masterclass!

​Han x

What Others Are Saying

Hannah helped me to reignite the fire that I needed to move my business forward...

​I am so incredibly grateful to Hannah​... I have managed to really push myself and ​​she has helped me to reignite the fire that I have needed to move my business forward. I love the friendships I have developed in ​her community and am excited about my journey...

ALONA AMSEL //  ​Business Coach

It's Time to Start ​Attracting Your Ideal Clients!

Are you struggling to attract your ideal clients into your ​business?

Do you want to stand out from the crowd on social media and ​improve your engagement to connect with your target audience?

Perhaps you have an online presence but feel disconnected to your current messaging? You don't feel like you are being YOU... ​

​Then, this training is for you!

Your Branding Breakthrough Masterclass ​covers three crucial steps to help you generate ​more leads and attract your ​perfect customers:

  • Awaken & Define Your Brand > draw on your personality and tap into your signature style
  • Identify Your Soulmate Clients > repel those pesky problem customers
  • Bring Your Brand To Life > get your brand out of your head and into action!

3 SIMPLE Steps T0...

​Unlock Your ​Brand & Attract Your ​Perfect Customers




100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are ​covered by my money-back guarantee. If you don't feel that Your Branding Breakthrough Masterclass is helping you gain clarity on how to ​unlock your brand ​within five days of starting the ​course, just let ​me know and I'll ​arrange a prompt refund.

​Hannah  x

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